If you're an entrepreneur, I know you've been here...

Struck by how off message an employee sounds when you overhear them talking to a customer. Frustrated that after staring  at the screen for hours, the perfect pitch still eludes you. Perplexed that it's so hard to answer the  dreaded, "what do you do?" question at a dinner party. Disappointed by how lackluster your web copy is at getting you inquiries, sign-ups, and sales. 

That changes now.

Get clear with

The Articulation Intensive

A 4-week program that gives you a powerful brand message so your business can grow.

It's not enough to have a big vision. Your brand needs a clear message for customers, partners, and employees to buy in wholeheartedly. The Articulation Intensive gives you the language tools you need to clearly, consistently, and confidently talk about your products, services, and difference so you can grow. 

It's brand message therapy for business visionaries like you.

What you get

A complete brand messaging toolkit


1. Brand story framework

A roadmap for understanding your customer's story and how you fit into it. It'll be the basis for everything you communicate moving forward.

2. Purpose statement

The heartbeat of your brand. It’s not just what you do, it’s why you do it and how your customers' lives change because you do.

3. Vision statement

A word-picture of what you want your brand to become. A powerful tool for rallying your team around your purpose. 

4. Positioning language

Defines who you're for and how you serve them in a way that your competitors don't.  It's the articulated difference that only you can make.

5. Elevator pitch

Your core message distilled into a few lines to help you quickly explain what you do and why it matters. It'll be the most used copy in your toolkit!

6. Tagline

A memorable slogan that identifies your business by capturing what you do, what you promise, or the unique way you deliver.

7. Key messages

Punchy phrases that you can use for sales slides, website headlines, collateral, and more.

8. About copy

Where it all comes together. Backgrounder copy where your customer’s story and yours merge in real life.


Awesome brands. Raving fans.


The Articulation Intensive is right for you if...


1. You want an effective strategy for communicating your brand.

2. You need a simple message so people can easily "get" what you do.

3. You want your brand language & visuals to go hand in hand.

4. You need help attracting the right customers & partners.

5. You want to differentiate yourself in a crowded market.

6. You're repositioning or need people to think of your brand in a new way.

7. You want a brand manifesto that can become a movement.

8. You're ready to get your vision out of your head & into your copy.

9. You want your dream business to become a money-making reality.


Confidence in your business starts with clarity about your message

If you're ready to define a clear and compelling message for your brand, request the Articulation Intensive Info Pack.

Get details on how the program works, your investment, and special offers available for Intensive clients only. 

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