Studio Sessions

Sometimes an hour or two of targeted, one-on-one support is all you need to kick your brand marketing into high gear. Clients use Studio Sessions to polish their copy, pick my brains on various projects, get creatively "unstuck," and much more.


Editing and proofreading

Need a second set of eyes on what you've already written? My editing goes beyond making sure your Ts are crossed. I'll ensure your writing is clear, cohesive, logical, and, above all, human.

Brainstorms and creative coaching

A great option for those who like to write and produce their own content. We can sit down for an hour or two and brainstorm topics and sections for your next e-book, opt-in series, or video. For extra accountability, I can help you create outlines and workflows that will keep your project on track. 

Advice and feedback

I'm a student of branding and brand language and love being a resource on a diversity of marketing ideas or creative projects. If you have a web page, a tagline, a Facebook ad, or some other copy written and you want my high level feedback on how to make it better, let's chat. 


Studio Sessions are $115 for a 90 minute engagement.

To learn more or book a Studio Session