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Karin Gentry is a contemporary lifestyle brand of fabulous fashion accouterments for women who embrace a casual-glam aesthetic.

Founded and designed by savvy California businesswoman Karin Gentry, the introductory line of gold-plated jewelry debuted in late 2014.

Prior to launch, Stark & Splendor worked with the brand on a web copy project to ready KarinGentry.com for launch.

Karin Gentry Homepage

The Brief:

When Karin Gentry approached me to write the web and product copy for her eponymous brand she had a very developed sense of what her company was all about and how that translated visually - she is a designer after all!  Interestingly though, Karin had very little articulated about her brand in writing, which made it tricky for her to DIY her own copy.  This was particularly relevant when it came time to write her bio and she found herself staring at a blank computer screen for far too long.

She needed a brand translator.  Someone who could get inside her brain and tease out the essence of Karin Gentry to produce web copy that echoed the fun-loving, glamourous, and relaxed brand that she had always envisioned.

The Work:

In addition to writing new and revised copy for KarinGentry.com, I consulted with Karin herself about some of the fundamental messaging that she could use to begin talking about her aesthetic, her products, and the way her brand is linked to a cause dear to her heart, human trafficking.

Conducted over two video calls and two rounds of edits, the project was completed in two weeks.

The Deliverables:

  •  "About" page copy
  • "Philanthropy" page copy
  • Revised product copy describing 45 pieces in the introductory Karin Gentry collection
Karin Gentry | Product Description
Web product descriptions for Karin Gentry


Karin Gentry | Product Description


The Results:

After collaborating on her site launch, Karin is one of Stark & Splendor's most ardent fans.  She says,

"As someone who hold the reins tight, I was hesitant getting an 'outsider' to help communicate my brand's voice. After our initial call, I was completely at ease that Stephanie would communicate my brand perfectly. She is thorough, insightful, and meets every tight deadline - there is never having to ask 'is it done?'  I was beyond pleased with the final product of our first project. It was a pleasure working with Stark & Splendor and I look forward to collaborating again in the future."

For more information on Karin Gentry, visit KarinGentry.com or connect with the brand on Facebook and Instagram.